Epic Music Inspiration

The Importance of Inspiration

Feeling inspired is very important to worldbuilding and art creation in general. It helps you come up with ideas, concepts, characters and narratives. It can also give you the drive to keep creating. Without it you might find yourself at the bottom of the “creative well” where you want to create, but can’t think of anything, or lack the drive.

Epic Music

I’ve chosen to start this series with a piece on epic music as I credit it with getting me into worldbuilding and writing in general (as well as being an awesome genre of music in general). Of course other music may also do the same trick, especially classical music, but I feel epic music really captures this best.

Music can really help you get in the mood for the scene you’re writing, get your head in the zone and add an extra level of feeling while you enhance the mood. It can really tug at your heartstrings and fill  you with emotions, which you can capture and put down on page. I personally feel that music can really help you unlock your potential.

I just so happened to stumble across this video and ended up sitting and watching it start finish (I even have it playing now side by side with this blog).

It really gets the creative juices flowing in a number of ways. The music plays with your emotions, the characters spark your interest and the scenes encourage you to think of your own backstory for it. I found myself really appreciating the level of creativity and effort gone into these pieces of art.

Following that video, I clicked on another and a comment said to put the music on, close your eyes, lie back and let your imagination go. This is what I did and what I encourage you to do. Just let your mind wander and see what you come up with.

I personally recommend checking out Epic Music Vn’s youtube channel.


Epic fantasy is probably best used for general worldbuilding, for working on maps, scenes, cultures etc. It includes sub genres of adventure, celtic and nordic. Check out traditional music of cultures you are basing yours off to help give you the feel, such as Egyptian, Arabian or Japanese music. Though I find that if there’s an epic music variant its more conducive to writing.


Great for writing that real tear-jerker of a scene. Includes sad and beautiful music. Pretty guaranteed to get you all worked up.


This great for writing action, combat and conflict.


So I hope you find you enjoy epic music as much as I do and found the music and videos as inspiring and. Now go forthe and write!


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