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Either leave a comment somewhere on the blog, or email us at worldbuildworkshop@gmail.com


This site is dedicated to providing with resources, guides, tutorials and inspiration to help you worldbuild. It aims to be a resource to help worldbuilders develop their worlds in different aspects, through guides, prompts and inspiration

We welcome suggestions and requests of what you would like to see on this site, be it tutorials, guides, images, music or original content or anything else. Just let us know in the comments or send an email.

If you would like to write a feature, or submit anything (art, music, maps, guides etc), please let us know, we are keen to involve our readers. Feel free  to leave a comment and we’ll get in touch or email worldbuildworkshop@gmail.com.

The plan is to grow this site in response to the users, so if it feels like a community is developing, I’ll start a forum. Or if the inspiration section is popular, it can be expanded into a more organised art gallery.

We’ll just see where this takes us :)


If you have enjoyed this blog or found it useful and would like to support us, consider pledging using Patreon. This will be most appreciated and will help us expand what we can offer.

If single donations are more your thing, consider using Paypal Donate.

Thanks very much.

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