Trade Routes

A trade route is simply a passage traversed by merchants and caravans from settlement to settlement for economic purposes. A trade route can pass over land or sea and link multiple locations over great distances. While many goods can flow along each route, some can become famous for certain materials eg the Silk Road and... Continue Reading →

For Your Enjoyment: Facts about premodern life to make livelier settlements and NPCs

It can be hard to make interesting people and places. Things kind of blur together, forming a mush of fantasy tropes. One source of inspiration is actual history: so many of our fantasy settings are based on misconceptions that a world closer to reality can be novel and fascinating. (And if you're like me, realism... Continue Reading →

Placement of Settlements

So you've got your map, your environment. Now its time to place those villages and breathe some life into your world. Settlements can include anything from hamlets all the way up to massive cities, and there's usually a couple of factors in common. They can be temporary or permanent and the temporary ones can eventually... Continue Reading →

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