Flatland, an inspiration for true Cosmic Horror

The cover for Abbott's Flatland No matter how trashy H. P. Lovecraft was as a person, his impact on the horror genre can't be understated. He created the concept of "cosmic horror," which Wikipedia helpfully describes as "emphasizing the horror of the unknown and incomprehensible more than gore or other elements of shock." The core... Continue Reading →

For Your Enlightenment: Early modern absolutism for powerful monarchies

A common trope in both fantasy and science fiction is the autocrat with unlimited power. It should be obvious that in real life, no one wields that kind of authority. One source of inspiration for these despots is the legacy of European monarchs. The proper term for the philosophy that kings and queens should have... Continue Reading →

Scandinavia and Linguistic Distance

This week, I'd like to take a brief look at something different. I recently read through the amazing webcomic, Stand Still, Stay Silent (here's page one), set in a unique post-apocalyptic Scandinavian setting. There are a billion good things about SSSS---fascinating usage of Nordic folklore, detailed worldbuilding, delightful character interactions, and an engaging storyline among... Continue Reading →

Historical TV Through Time

This is a list of tv series set throughout history (cut off at World War 2), starting with the most recent first. Let me know in the comments any to add. 1940s USA, France, Germany Band of Brothers The story of Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division from 1942 to the end... Continue Reading →

Using Art to Drive Worldbuilding

Intro Often it can useful to visiualise your characters and your world. Representing these with 3rd party art can be very inspiring and a great way to do so without spending ages writing descriptions and so you can spend more time developing your world. I've interspersed this post with art from my Pinterest boards so... Continue Reading →

Epic Music Inspiration

The Importance of Inspiration Feeling inspired is very important to worldbuilding and art creation in general. It helps you come up with ideas, concepts, characters and narratives. It can also give you the drive to keep creating. Without it you might find yourself at the bottom of the "creative well" where you want to create,... Continue Reading →

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