Trade and Economy

Trade is very important to your world. Its how your individuals, settlements and nations interact and can drive your world if you let it.

Trade Goods: A list of trade goods you might find in a historic/fantasy world, with info on their cost, availability and areas it might be found where possible.

Trade Routes: A guide on trade routes and their impact on the world.

Resource Maps, Trade Goods and Trade Routes: The full blog post (includes the above two links) on resource maps, trade goods and trade routes.

Economy & Barter System: It can be tempting to just use a free market system as intuitively it makes the most sense, but really this is only a recent development. Here, I talk about some of the different types of economy you might like to use and how they can fit in your world.

Trade and Commerce: Trade and Commerce for deeper economies


Livelier Settlements: Facts about premodern life to make livelier settlements and NPCs


Premodern Warfare: Facts about premodern warfare to make deeper armies and battles


Premodern Polytheism: Facts about premodern polytheism for more engaging religons


Power and International Relations: Power and international relations for deeper politics

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