Naming Languages Part 4/4: Bringing it Together and Putting it to Use

Now it’s time for us to bring our little naming language together, ironing out some details, making some revisions, and writing up a little mini-grammar on the language. We’ll also be putting it to practice to see how well it functions. First of all will be the changes to the phonology. The original list of... Continue Reading →

Morphology, Character Names & Typology (3/4)

Intro The section is going to be about creating some basic morphology for your naming language. Morphology deals with the morphemes that exist in your language and how your words are built up. Morphemes are the smallest units in a language that have any sort of grammatical meaning. These are things like roots (book, man,... Continue Reading →

Constructing Languages: Creating the Sounds (Naming Language)(1/4)

Whether you just want to add a little flair to your world, or want to add a fully fleshed out language with original stories and texts, constructed languages, or conlangs as they are more commonly called, add all manner of depth to a world. This post is all about naming languages, and will be geared more toward those that are new to the art, and have little to no experience creating languages.

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