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Placement of Settlements

Intro So you’ve got your map, your environment. Now its time to place those villages and breathe some life into your world. Settlements can include anything from hamlets all the way up to massive cities, and there’s usually a couple … Continue reading

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Epic Music Inspiration

Prelude Something of a shorter entry this week as if you’ve been watching the news (in UK) you will have seen the damage of Hurricane Desmond. My house wasn’t flooded luckily, but we’ve been without power. It will be a … Continue reading

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Resource Maps, Trade Goods and Trade Routes

A guide on drawing resource maps, developing trade routes and trade goods info (and list). Also how to use trade to drive your world. Continue reading

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Working Out Climates Using the Climate Cookbook

In this guide we will be attempting to apply realistic climates to a map of our world, ending up with something like this, here each colour denotes a different climate. It won’t be 100% scientifically accurate but for the purposes … Continue reading

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Using Tectonic Plates to Draw Terrain

Intro If you wanted to build your world right from the very start, from the earliest point and evolve it forward in a realistic manner, it is good to start with tectonic plates. These will help shape your continents and … Continue reading

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