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Economy & Barter Systems

Intro It can be easy to think that money and a free market exchange system is the main method of how an economy runs, but for most of history, this was not the case. And so it doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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Using Art to Drive Worldbuilding

Intro Often it can useful to visiualise your characters and your world. Representing these with 3rd party art can be very inspiring and a great way to do so without spending ages writing descriptions and so you can spend more … Continue reading

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Community & Forum

Reddit Reddit is the core community of this blog, and the community it was born out of. Check it out and subscribe if you’re not already a member. Forum (Poll further down) I would like to build a community here … Continue reading

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10k Hits Milestone!

Thanks so much to everyone whos made use of this blog! Overnight we broke 10,000 views (we’re actually up to 12,776 at the time of writing this), with 5500 coming in the last 20 hours! I was originally thinkign of … Continue reading

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Placement of Settlements

Intro So you’ve got your map, your environment. Now its time to place those villages and breathe some life into your world. Settlements can include anything from hamlets all the way up to massive cities, and there’s usually a couple … Continue reading

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Epic Music Inspiration

Prelude Something of a shorter entry this week as if you’ve been watching the news (in UK) you will have seen the damage of Hurricane Desmond. My house wasn’t flooded luckily, but we’ve been without power. It will be a … Continue reading

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Resource Maps, Trade Goods and Trade Routes

A guide on drawing resource maps, developing trade routes and trade goods info (and list). Also how to use trade to drive your world. Continue reading

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